Delivery Examples


Plain Presentation Box + Personalised USB

With both our Simplicity and Binary packages, you will receive your film(s) via USB, personalised with your names and wedding date inscribed on the device itself. This is delivered in a plain, ribbon-wrapped presentation box -  a simple, yet personal memoir of your special day. 

*USB Appearance and Design (including colours and fonts) may vary.


Custom-Made Presentation Box + Personalised USB

Our Custom-Made Presentation Boxes are crafted from a premium quality and are the perfect way to display and store your wedding film(s) - giving that added personal touch. With our Divine Package, these boxes come as standard, however, they are also optional add-ons for our other packages if you wish. Click the images to see various examples of our Custom-Made Presentation Boxes.

*USB and Box Appearances and Designs (including physical size, colours, materials and fonts) may vary.