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We are Sheridale Productions, an innovative film and photography company based in Nottingham, UK. We specialise in crafting bespoke, cinematic content and visionary photography for individuals, couples, local businesses and events.

All Video & Photographic Content is copyrighted by Sheridale Productions.



Find out more about Sheridale, what we do, examples of our previous work, and the results of our commitment to our clients.

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Just wow, wow, and WOW! This is just a stunning piece on cinematography, your incredible creativity and ingenuity, attention to detail and stunning after effects . . . . . .

We are sitting here . . . . the hairs on our arms are up, Heather has tears in her eyes and we are both in absolute shock with the sheer brilliance of your work. We are stunned . . . . and we both take some impressing. The music is absolutely sensational, powerful, atmospheric and the way you have tied in the effects so perfectly creates an amazing result.

We know we are working at the cutting edge with Sheridale.
— Jeff & Heather | Unity Games Team